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Capital taxes and Estate administration

Capital taxes and Estate administration

Planning for the Inevitable

In death as throughout your working life Lanham and Company is here to help. Uniquely among your advisors, your Accountants often have an insight into virtually all of your financial affairs. When planning the future we can apply that knowledge to the management of your estate to improve speed and reduce costs.

Estate Planning

We can evaluate your liabilities as things are today and we can work with you to mitigate those liabilities. Our advice will always be designed to help you to balance your own needs with your wishes for your beneficiaries.


We always advise that our clients should have a recent and well considered will and can refer them to a good Solicitor for this if they do not have one of their own.

We can help you prepare the brief for your solicitors to ensure the relevance and tax efficiency of your instructions.

If you lodge a copy of your will with us we can review it annually when looking at your tax affairs to ensure that it remains efficient. It can also help us to help your family quickly after your death.

It is important that your executors can cope with the work. We are able to take on that role if that would help.


We can stand alongside your Personal Representatives to assist with all their legal obligations. We can guide you through obtaining probate. A great deal of this process is accountancy driven and we would expect to be holding much of the relevant information.

We will be able to deal with taxation issues to the date of death.

Sometimes to obtain probate, instalments or loans need to be negotiated. We are well placed to assist with this.

We prepare estate accounts and tax returns throughout the period of administration and can help with the final distributions.

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